Moray Street, New Farm


Type: Apartment Styling

Completed: December 2018

Location: New Farm, Australia

Brief: Styling a one bedroom apartment for executive rental.

The apartment is well positioned with fabulous views over the river towards the Story Bridge. It had been rented previously but the owner wanted to freshen it up with a new look and feel. We received the referral from a property owner who knew the client and who had just met with us to discuss our services. The client wanted a consultation on how to improve the apartment for a high-end executive rental. We worked together discussing each room and making suggestions. A full report was provided within 24 hours outlining everything we had discussed including our speciality – re-imagining, re-purposing and removing. We provided photographs of items suggested to be purchased and where to find them, what needed to be moved and how to style certain areas for the photographer who would be arriving the next day. Follow up calls were made to the client to make sure all was progressing well and then a happy client provided the ‘after’ pictures.

The key here was to empower the client to make the improvements themselves rather than a team coming in with our own views. We love to work with what our clients have and that not only keeps the costs at a manageable level but it validates their own taste with what is already in their home. A wonderful experience for us and a good outcome for the client.